school tomorrow, damn it =n=

rly rly rly rough sketch of ace for usagi <3
i might do luffy and hancock if i have time c:

finished that stupid hot air balloon picture; i dont like the background but i don't feel like making a cooler one : )

tired @u@

got 3 hours of sleep yesterday and i'm just about to get like 4 hours when i get to bed in a few minutes;; so much ap studying to do ;u;.

started another drawing; more mountains :D.
they're three of my old oc's but less freaky; can you tell who they are LOL cos i hardly can :].


wow; had to do star testing for eng at school today... too easy :[.
finished my folklore thing for 'The Boy's Sacrifice'; better get to work on hw now =u=


started to read some asian folklore instead of doing hw and suddenly got inspired *u*~~~
just a rough wip lol.


wut do I do now;;